So Many Types of Tanks Used During WWII!

One of the most prominent and important pieces of military equipment used during World War II were the tanks.

There were tens of thousands of them in service all over the world, used by every country that was involved in the war in whatever way and among them, almost no two tank models were the same.

Considering there were actually thirty different countries with some degree of military presence in World War II and each of them using their own make and models of military equipment, that’s a lot of tanks!

Today, many examples of these important vehicles can be seen in military tank museums throughout the world.

There Were Smaller Tanks

From the smaller tanks used in World War I with only one gun and the size of a car or truck that carried only one or two soldiers to the tank destroyers on the other end of the spectrum of World War II that were huge and powerful tracked vehicles that could destroy standard tanks, there were more types of tanks involved than most people realize.

Among the standard tanks in the Vietnam War, there were even three grades - light duty, medium duty, and heavy duty - in use depending on the terrain and the targets and how durable the armor on the vehicle was.

Light duty tanks moved faster but were more vulnerable to tank destroyers due to lighter armor and smaller guns.

Heavy duty tanks were slower, but also more powerful with more resilient armor.

Consider The Armored Combat Tanks

In World War I, World War II, and Vietnam, there were also armored combat tanks and camouflage recognizance tanks, assault gun tanks, and numerous others, all performing different purposes but based on the basic tank design.

They were all tracked vehicles armed with large weaponry, made with the purpose of keeping troops safe while covering ground, whether attacking, defending, or spying.

Too Bad So Many Were Destroyed

As diverse and plentiful as they were during the World Wars, Vietnam, and other wars, many of the tanks of yesteryear were destroyed in battle or afterward.

Many of the tanks at living history museums were carefully restored and sit on display in World War I and II tank museums and other military exhibits.

Home to numerous restored tanks, military vehicles, and artillery equipment, living history museums offer a World War II and Vietnam War tank museum exhibit and military vehicle display where visitors can view multiple tanks, including a Sherman tanks, and learn all about these amazing and versatile vehicles.

So Many Different Tanks!

If you’ve ever thought that a tank is a tank is a tank - think again!

There are so many different kinds of military tanks out there from different wars, it is amazing.

Learn about some of them at a tank museum that is part of a living history museum and see these incredible battle machines in person!