Museums Are Great – But Battle Reenactments Are The Real Thing!

Most people have been to a museum or two in the course of their lives.

Although military museum exhibits are interesting and present a useful, visual way to learn about history, there is a limit to the story that these exhibits do tell.

Even the best curators and exhibit artists can only tell so much of a battle story with still pictures, artifacts, and a written text to supplement it all, even when written by a historian.

There is a lot left to the imagination and interpretation of the viewer.

Why Historical Reenactments Are Better Than Museums

What is better than any museum exhibit could ever be in terms of actually telling those war stories?

Historical reenactments, of course!

Battle reenactments and reenactments of other historical events are comparable to bringing those still, quiet museum exhibits to life in the most amazing of ways.

They are noisy and loud, with skirmishes and fighting, military weapons and camps, and so much more.

Historical reenactments even show the shocking and depressing sides of the stories, from the injuries and fatalities during battles to the after-effects of caring for those wounded and gathering those dead.

They also present the difficult decisions that have gone into famous battles and the discussions that were held as well as the mistakes that have been made by both the “good guys” and the “bad guys.”

Why Historical Reenactments Are So Popular

In comparing the two, many find historical reenactments to be a preferred way of actually learning military history as opposed to simply viewing a fake representation of it for very valid reasons.

Reenactments bring audiences into the scene to watch it in real-time and get an actual understanding of that moment in history.

Battle reenactments and other live-action displays are more historically accurate, as the actors involved in these performances take their craft very seriously.

They are accurate down to the last button and stitch on their costumes, no matter what role they are playing.

Historical Reenactments Affect Viewers More Than Museums

Most importantly is the way that watching historical reenactments can affect the viewer, who experiences much more than just the live-action telling of a story.

These stories create emotions and they engage the mind in ways that no still museum display can.

They can also be contagious, with many first-time attendees of reenactments getting drawn into the hobby to not only enjoy themselves becoming a part of a story, but learning more than they ever have, or would viewing museum exhibits.

Go See A Reenactment Near You!

So, although museum exhibits of original artifacts and items from back in the day will always be important and provide a historical resource for history buffs and even some reenactors, there is nothing quite like watching a battle reenactment to really understand the story.

Historical reenactments take people back in time to learn the real story as it is happening!